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NeuroScience Associates

“The extraordinary technique of NSA to embed and serially section up to 25 mouse brains in a single block, such that all brains are in register, and then stain floating serial sections simultaneously in cups has provided our research with information about neural circuitry not otherwise possible.

We image living mouse brains with MRI at high magnetic field, using genetic manipulation to create mouse models of human mental and neurological disorders. We were the first to co-register 3D MR images of multiple mouse brains (Tyzka et al 2006), and were able to correlate tractography from DTI analysis of aligned images with histologic sections from NSA, also of multiple animals and in 3-dimensions. Subsequently we have published seven more full-length peer-reviewed high impact papers in NeuroImage, PLOS ONE and Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. NSA is responsive and technically expert in immunohistology and histochemistry.”

Dr. Elaine Bearer, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Albuquerque