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NeuroScience Associates

“I have collaborated with Dr. Switzer and NeuroScience Associates on a number of different projects that required varied and in some instances unique approaches to achieve desired results. As a pathologist, it is very clear that NSA’s MultiBrain® and MultiCord™ Technology allows morphologic evaluation of the central nervous system in a comprehensive manner that would be not be possible using other existing technologies. As it relates to toxicity testing in pharmaceutical development, this technology provides a substantial advantage for detecting lesions that would often be missed in standard evaluations of brain, such as are used in routine toxicity testing or even in specific neurotoxicity testing that doesn’t use this technology. I have found Dr. Switzer’s extensive experience and expertise and the technical excellence of the NSA staff to be invaluable in providing the creativity and precision needed to meet the demands of their clients.”

Dr. Daryl Thake, Diplomate, ACVP, Seventh Wave