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NeuroScience Associates


These are just a few of the great responses from our clientele. Contact us for a free customized quote!


“What we appreciated most with NSA, besides their splendid work, was not only the expertise in but also the availability for discussions around different labeling methods and protocols. NSA seems to care about the outcome of the projects they help with and do not see their clients only as a source of income.”

Dr. Martin M. Mortazavi, Div. of Neurosurgery, Barrow NeurologicaI Institute


“NeuroScience Associates has been an excellent partner through several research projects. Specifically, the NSA team and the MultiBrain® Technology were instrumental in our evaluation of several treatments for spinal cord injury in a non-human primate model. NSA provided sound scientific advice on stains and immunolabels, and performed high-quality sectioning, histology, and immunohistochemistry economically and on time. I look forward to working with NSA on future projects.”

Rick Layer, Ph.D., Director of Research, InVivo Therapeutics Corporation


“I have been very impressed with the scientific attitude portrayed by and high quality of product received from Dr. Bob Switzer and NeuroScience Associates. With their multi-specimen mounting and sectioning technology, they can put a whole experiment onto one slide. They are always willing to try new things and “play” with stainings or preparations they have never done before, all in a very cost effective way. I plan to continue working with NSA for my morphological experiments.”

Dr. Lawrence R. Williams, Guilford Pharmaceuticals


“The extraordinary technique of NSA to embed and serially section up to 25 mouse brains in a single block, such that all brains are in register, and then stain floating serial sections simultaneously in cups has provided our research with information about neural circuitry not otherwise possible.
We image living mouse brains with MRI at high magnetic field, using genetic manipulation to create mouse models of human mental and neurological disorders. We were the first to co-register 3D MR images of multiple mouse brains (Tyzka et al 2006), and were able to correlate tractography from DTI analysis of aligned images with histologic sections from NSA, also of multiple animals and in 3-dimensions. Subsequently, we have published seven more full-length peer-reviewed high impact papers in NeuroImage, PLOS ONE and Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. NSA is responsive and technically expert in immunohistology and histochemistry.”

Dr. Elaine Bearer, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Albuquerque


“I had the privilege of working with NSA as a client while working in the industry and currently as a service provider, working alongside NSA to help our clients reach their research objectives. In either role, NSA has always executed at a high standard, yielding high-quality sections, stained slides, and expert analysis. Unlike many service providers, NSA handles all projects and clients on a very individual and personalized level and you can always count on their expert staff, especially Dr. Switzer, for their expert judgment throughout the life of the study. I would confidently recommend NSA!”

Isaac Veinbergs, Director, Brains On-Line


“Having collaborated with NSA over the last few years, I am glad to state the following: Interaction with NSA has always been very fruitful. The scientific input from NSA has been of very high standard and the company has always been very open-minded, so that novel approaches, proposed by either NSA or Lundbeck, to our studies have been implemented in the analysis phase of the different studies. This very interactive approach has proven intellectually very stimulative and has contributed significantly to the momentum of the project. The technical quality of the obtained sections and the analysis of the ­histology obviously is first class, so I have a strong interest in continued collaboration with NSA.”

Dr. Bjarke Ebert, Adjunct Professor in Molecular Pharmacology Head of Electrophysiology, H. Lundbeck A/S


“I have been a customer of NSA for several years and they have been critical for the success of several of our projects. Specifically, NSA provided high-quality sections for our stereology-based cell counting studies and saved us considerable time and money. Immunohistochemical studies we have completed on sections provided by NSA have been of outstanding quality and due to the MultiBrain® Technology and Large Format processing have led to significantly reduced variability in our data. NSA is responsive and collaborative and the staff is a pleasure to work with.”

Dr. Elizabeth Head, Institute for Brain Aging, University of California Irvine


“We have been collaborating with NSA for several years with excellent results. Our studies include crossing between different transgenic lines and the comparison between double transgenic mice to their single transgenic as well as non-transgenic littermates. The excellent blocking and sectioning of multiple brains enable us to treat all the brain sections in exactly the same conditions for the same length of time, resulting in a dependable comparison between the mice. We plan to continue this collaboration for all our studies.”

Dr. Efrat Levy, Nathan Kline Institute


“We very much appreciate the effort that NSA has devoted to our projects, and have greatly enjoyed our collaboration.”

Dr. Dora Games, Elan Pharmaceuticals


“I have collaborated with Dr. Switzer and NeuroScience Associates on a number of different projects that required varied and in some instances unique approaches to achieve desired results. As a pathologist, it is very clear that NSA’s MultiBrain®  and MultiCord™ Technology allows morphologic evaluation of the central nervous system in a comprehensive manner that would not be possible using other existing technologies. As it relates to toxicity testing in pharmaceutical development, this technology provides a substantial advantage for detecting lesions that would often be missed in standard evaluations of the brain, such as are used in routine toxicity testing or even in specific neurotoxicity testing that doesn’t use this technology. I have found Dr. Switzer’s extensive experience and expertise and the technical excellence of the NSA staff to be invaluable in providing the creativity and precision needed to meet the demands of their clients.”

Dr. Daryl Thake, Diplomate, ACVP, Midwest ToxPath Sciences Inc.


“NeuroScience Associates is the perfect partner to identify neuroprotective drug candidates. Their MultiBrain® Technology provides the uniform staining on multiple brains required for large studies. Dr. Switzer and colleagues have broad expertise in histology and they customized the staining for accurate neuronal counts. In addition, their knowledge and accessibility permitted us to rapidly establish the staining we needed for our studies involving our designated antibody. The rapid turn-around time and high-quality section/stains are cost-effective. Thank you for providing exceptional and professional services.”

Dr. Martin Goulet, Senior Scientist, FoldRx Pharmaceuticals


“With NeuroScience Associates you not only get an on-time, reliable, high-quality histology service that you can absolutely depend on—you also get the intellectual interaction of a very experienced team of neuroscientists and neurohistologists. We consider the staff at NSA an extension of our project teams, frequently benefiting from their troubleshooting skills and involving them in the interpretation of data.”

Lisa Shafer, Director – CNS Drug Therapy R&D, Medtronic, Inc.


“NeuroScience Associates Services is a remarkable service. In my experience, they go the extra mile, solving histology problems which other services would run from. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who needs high-quality histology for their research.”

Dr. Mike Tyszka, Caltech Brain Imaging Center


“By virtue of our collaboration with Dr. Robert Switzer and NeuroScience Associates, and the use of their MultiBrain® technology, we have been able to map out, using silver staining and immunohistochemical methods, a detailed time course of post-traumatic neurodegeneration in rodent models after traumatic brain injury. Consequently, we have demonstrated definitive neuroprotective effects of a novel and exciting neuroprotective compound. This work, carried out over the past four years, has resulted in three peer-reviewed papers. Dr. Switzer and his colleagues at NSA have consistently provided extremely high-quality work with a rapid turn around and even assisted in the interpretation of results. Their creativity, exquisite attention to detail and professional manner has been a real joy. There is no way that my laboratory could have duplicated the work they have done for us. Even if we could, the cost-effectiveness and reliability of their histological services have made them the logical choice. We will continue to turn to them.”

Dr. Ed Hall, Director, Spinal Cord & Brain Injury Research Center, University of Kentucky, Chandler Medical Center