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NeuroScience Associates

Reactive Microglia Stain

  • Stains microglia that have become “reactive” due to insult.
  • Stains reactive microglia, but not resting microglia.
  • Reveals reactive microglia in different species (rat, mouse, primate)
Microglia in the brain

Resident microglia of the brain become reactive following various forms of insult, including chemical trauma and viral infection (a-c) and physical trauma (d). The NSA protocol stains reactive microglia but not resting microglia. Microglial features visible with our stain are the same as with lectin staining (IsoB4) and antibody staining (ED-1 in rat). This protocol easily reveals reactive microglia in different species (rat, mice, primate) as opposed to antibodies or lectins that tend to be species dependent.


b microglia-16x-1



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