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NeuroScience Associates


NSA has revolutionized the execution of neurohistology services. With MultiBrain® Technology, up to 40 brains are embedded together in a solid gelatin matrix and processed as a single unit. This technique achieves uniformity of section thickness and staining quality across cases while providing “built-in” quality control, making subsequent analysis more efficient and efficacious.

MultiCord® Technology uses the same revolutionary set of technologies as MultiBrain® Technology, with as many as 40 spinal cords embedded, sectioned and stained simultaneously in the transverse/coronal plane. When there is value in viewing the same cord in different planes, multiple segments and planes of a single spinal cord can be processed together and presented on a single slide. With this configuration, up to 8 spinal cords can be processed within the same MultiCord® block.

The embedding and sectioning of large brains is achieved utilizing many of the principles of MultiBrain® Technology. This Large Format™ Technology enables NSA to section large intact brains continuously with no interruptions.  Brain sections of relatively small species such as monkey, sheep, pig and dog are mounted on our typical 2”x 3” slides. For larger brains such as human brain hemispheres, cow brains and grizzly bear brains, sections are mounted on 3”x 5” slides.