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NeuroScience Associates

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)


NSALabs® is experienced in performing services compliant with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) for any of our services offered. GLP is defined as Good Laboratory Practices as promulgated by USFDA 21CFR Part 58, USEPA, and OECD.

NSALabs® utilizes an independent auditor to provide services related to all GLP regulated studies that NSALabs® performs.

Services provided by the auditor include:

  • Inspect facility periodically;
  • Provide GLP training to NSALabs® staff;
  • Review and advise Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and review equipment records;
  • Review protocols;
  • Inspect work in progress;
  • Audit study data;
  • Audit study reports;
  • Provide QA Statements to Study Director;
  • Report inspection findings to NSALabs® management and to Study Director and testing facility QA;
  • Host visiting QA site visits.

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