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NeuroScience Associates

Experiment Design and Consultation


Proper planning and design of an experiment quite often determines the difference between success and failure. Efficient planning can save time, money and valuable research resources from performing unnecessary or repetitive steps. The expertise of NSA Labs® in this arena began with the broad scientific background of our founder, Dr. Robert C. Switzer III. Since NSA was founded in 1989, NSA Labs® has collaborated with hundreds of researchers in a broad range of neuroscience studies. Through this process we have observed and participated in a wide variety of approaches to the challenges researchers face, and have learned and discovered many techniques in architecting a successful experiment. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in the design and planning of your experiments. At a minimum, we provide some general guidelines for perfusion, transport, etc. for specimens that are planned to be sent to NSA Labs® for histology services. We also provide documentation with guidelines for neurodegeneration studies as a complimentary resource in the reference section of this catalog and on our website.

In addition to the resources mentioned above, we provide specific consultation to our clients. This service may range in scope from validating an existing experiment design, to collaborating on the design of an experiment from a very early stage, to determining how to best utilize MultiBrain™ Technology to optimize data collection and analysis. It is our goal to make this service as cost and time effective as possible. We have recently introduced an online collaborative tool based on the technology of WebEx™. This advanced technology enables consultation services that integrate voice, video, and data to offer true interactivity and Web communications across multiple geographies and platforms. Contact us for specific information about our service offerings, fee schedules and references.

Full Service Experiment Design, Histology and Analysis:

NSA Labs® provides a service to conduct an entire experiment from beginning to end. The scope of this service is determined by each client’s needs, and may include everything from design through analysis. In the broadest circumstance, a client will approach NSA with a neurologic problem or question to solve. NSA will design an approach, then manage the in-life experiment, perform the neurohistology and analysis and deliver the results to the client.