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Immunohistochemistry/Antibody Staining

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Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is used to detect the presence of specific biomolecules (antigens) in tissue sections by applying an antibody to that antigen. IHC has become one of the most common tools in neurohistologic research due to the potential of high specificity when staining a target feature. NSA uses TritonX-100 to fenestrate membranes, allowing antibodies to stain the entire thickness of the section (30–80µ), removing thickness as a factor in NSA’s protocols.

We offer high-quality immunohistochemistry services utilizing commercially available antibodies and client-supplied proprietary antibodies and routinely perform titration series to expand our repertoire.

The following images are some of our most commonly requested immunohistochemistry.  Complete listing of commercial antibodies that NSA has successfully applied.

Examples of Successfully Performed Antibody Stains:


The gallery above represents the most common stains requested of NSA. If you don’t see a stain you desire, please contact us to determine if NSA can be of assistance.

For further reference, please see: Stains