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Antigen Preserve Solution


NSA places all sections directly into Antigen Preserve solution during the sectioning process.  The storage of cut sections in this manner maximizes the antigenicity of proteins, as well as avoiding issues related to formalin-sensitive stains that may be performed on the sections.

Solution Composition:

  • PBS mixed as directed by manufacturer pH 7.0 –pH 7.4 with dH2O
    • As a 10x concentrate, 1 part of liquid will be mixed with 9 parts of dH2O
    • E.g. 100 ml of concentrate, 900 ml of dH2O
  • Ethylene glycol
  • Polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP)

Use these amounts or others in the same proportions, duly recorded, to make the required total volume:

Component2000 ml3000 ml4000 ml5000 ml6000 ml
10x PBS Concentrate100ml150 ml200 ml250 ml300 ml
dH2O900 ml1350 ml1800 ml2250 ml2700 ml
Ethylene glycol1000 ml1500 ml2000 ml2500 ml3000 ml
PVP20 g30 g40 g50 g60 g


Prepare when depleted or expired.

Transferring Sections into Antigen Preserve Solution:

The sections will be cut and placed into the Antigen Preserve solution. The sections should be stored at <0° C.


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