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TitleAuthor(s)Year Presented
Neutralizing RGMa with Elezanumab Promotes Cerebroprotection
and Recovery in Rabbit Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion
LinkP.B. Jacobson, A. Mothe, A. Levy, M. Krakovsky, B.A. Hooker, X. Zhang, J. Mollon, Y. Mordashova, M. Droescher, S. Weiss, S. Barghorn, I. Dreher, K. Awwad, V. Nimmrich, L. Huang, E. Fung, W.R. Buck, K. Pfleeger, A. Ziemann, E. Smith, G.B. Fox, C.H. Tator, M. Gold2023
Early Thalamic Injury After Resuscitation From Severe Asphyxial Cardiac Arrest in Developing RatsLinkH.T. Ton, K. Raffensperger, M. Shoykhet2023
Neurotoxicity Assessment Presentation 2015 Link in PDF Format

Link in PowerPoint Format
Switzer, Switzer2015
Just cool it! Cryoprotectant Antifreeze in Immunocytochemistry and in situ HybridizationLinkHoffman, Le2004
Spatial and Temporal Relationships Between Plaques and Tangles in Alzheimer Pathology LinkSchönheit, Zarski, Ohm2003
Application of Silver Degeneration Stains for Neurotoxicity TestingLinkSwitzer2000
Use of an AminoCupricSilver Technique for the Detection of Early and Semiacute Neuronal Degeneration Caused by Neurotoxicants, Hypoxia, and Physical Trauma Linkde Olmos, Beltramino, de Olmos de Lorenzo1994
Campbell-Switzer Alzheimer's Silver Stain ProcedureLinkNSA Reference Article1987
Use of Cryroprotectant to Maintain Longterm Peptide Immunoreactivity and Tissue MorphologyLinkWatson, Wiegand, Clough, Hoffman1985
Absence of Mitral cells in Monolayer in MonotremesLinkSwitzer, Johnson1977
Calculating Volumes in TissueLinkNSA Reference Article
Tracing Electrode Tracts in the BrainLinkNSA Reference Article
Download the current NSA catalogLinkNSA Reference2019