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NeuroScience Associates

Neurosafety Assessment

NeuroScience Associates was founded in 1989 primarily to deliver neurohistologic services for the purpose of safety testing. NSA has expanded significantly in both size and breadth of offerings since that time and now provides a full suite of neurohistology services. While NSA now offers a wide range of services oriented towards R&D discovery and efficacy of therapies, safety testing has continued to be a primary service and specialty of NSA for over 20 years. NSA has developed some unique approaches to testing, capitalizing on the capabilities of contemporary neurohistologic techniques that increase the reliability of results while enabling reductions in the number of stains, the number of animals, the amount of time necessary to achieve results and the amount of time and money required to conduct the safety tests.

Safety testing can take many forms depending on the phase of research, the mechanism of the test article and the audience for which the testing is being performed. NSA recognizes these differences and works with clients to make sure that their specific needs are met. NSA can accommodate the very specific needs of a client’s predefined protocol or a specific request from a regulatory agency such as FDA, EPA, etc. Alternatively, NSA has many predefined templates for protocols intended to meet specific requirements of an agency that can be adapted to a client’s specific needs.

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