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NeuroScience Associates

NSA: Alzheimer Expertise with Mass-Production Perks

Our expertise in Alzheimer Disease-specific immunohistochemistry and silver-based Campbell-Switzer staining yields spectacular results, followed by state-of-the-art digital imaging and image analysis techniques – and all in a matter of weeks.  NSA’s unique processing and services allow for up to 40 mouse brain hemispheres to be processed simultaneously using our proprietary MultiBrain® technology processing.

NSA provides you with an affordable, reliable resource of Alzheimers neurohistology expertise. Contact us today to learn how we can deliver your results in six weeks or less!



Enhance your Alzheimer Research with Value Added Digital Imaging and 3-D Reconstruction

NSA’s 3-D Volume Rendering:

  • May be digitally sliced in any plane
  • Specific structures can be segmented from the entire brain
  • May be viewed as its own rendered volume or surface map

Visit our Analysis page on the website for more information.

Why choose NSA for Alzheimer neurohistology?

Large format sectioning is cost-effective, efficient and reliable when performed by NSA neurohistology experts

NSA’s unique MultiBrain® technology allows for up to 40 hemispheres to be sectioned