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Percent of Ischemic Area in Stroke Model

4 N UMAX PL-II V1.5 [6]

Gerbil brain -section rendered ischemic from bilateral carotid ligation. The lschemia Contrast stain sharply delineates affected areas.

Once the image of the section is digitized, boundaries of the entire section and individual ischemic zones (1–3) are drawn, using density thresholding techniques with an NIH Image. Total volumes or an “index” of the volumes affected can be calculated from analysis on additional sections.


DATA:                                                       Area (sq. units)

                    Entire section                                  2.73

                       Area 1                                            0.02

                       Area 2                                            0.17

                       Area 3                                            0.11

                               % Ischemic area: 10.99%