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Mounting Instructions, Video and Solutions

The Antigen Preserve solution is viscous, and even more so when coming straight out of -20ºC. Let the solution warm up to near room temp, and even then it might be less damaging to the tissues (less risk of tearing) to immerse the container in a much larger container holding deionized water. With the entire container submersed, tilt the section container over while immersed and allow the sections to drift out. Proceed to transfer the sections to the containers or dishes more appropriately sized for your processing. 

Some stains performed require that the sections be mounted onto slides previous to staining, e.g. Nissl stains.  Some other stains we perform must be performed while the sections are “free floating”, e.g. immunohistochemistry stains. These sections are mounted onto slides AFTER the staining. Refer to our Mounting page for more information and instructions and our video:

Mounting Instructional Video: