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NeuroScience Associates

Timing and Pricing


Our clients often have unique requirements and requests which make it difficult for us to publish a “fixed price” chart. However, we do have some relative guidelines which we hope will make budgetary estimates possible:

  • NSALabs® leverages MultiBrain® technology  in all histologic processing which allows us to achieve an efficiency unequalled by ANY other method. The result is that our end product is superior to that produced by other methods, and almost definitely less expensive to our clients.
  • As a benchmark, the average price for staining one of our rodent sections is between $4 and $8 per section. Our own research of other laboratories pricing revealed a price of no less than $10 per section and ranging up to $50/section for stains we offer for only ~$6/section.

Contact us for a budgetary or a specific project quote.

Placing an Order:

Although it is not necessary to receive a quote in advance of your project conclusion, it is frequently helpful to do so as we are able to consult with you regarding final steps in preparation for our services that are sometimes more easily executed when planned in advance.

Here are the steps to follow to engage our services:

  1. Contact us to discuss service options and receive a specific quote for your project.
  2. Confirm acceptance of the quote by email and/or with a purchase order number.
  3. If you know the date when you plan to send the specimens, specify this date and we should be able to confirm a return date (typically 3-4 weeks for standard processing)
  4. Refer to perfusion protocol on our web site to prepare your specimens for our services-NOTE: CRITICAL STEP, PLEASE REVIEW TO ENSURE QUALITY RESULTS
  5. Follow shipping instructions to send your specimens.
  6. Earn a 5% prepayment discount when paying for a project in full, in advance. Alternatively, timely payments are rewarded with a 2% account credit when payment is made within 15 days of project completion.

Payment Information:

Fulfillment of requests for services can begin only when the material to be processed is accompanied by a purchase order number provided by authorized personnel. For the convenience of our clients, NeuroScience Associates also accepts Electronic Transfer payments, and VISA or MasterCard

Our payment terms are net 30 days. Shipping charges will be prepaid and are included in the invoice.

With advance notification, orders for 1 block of up to 25 rodents are usually processed within 3-4 weeks of the receipt date of the tissue.

When your request for services is placed and scheduled for shipment, you will receive an invoice. This is our assurance to you that your work will be processed within the specifications and delivered on the date(s) you requested.


See our shipping guide for detailed shipping instructions.