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NeuroScience Associates

Shipping Information


Proper packing and shipping precautions are required to ensure the integrity of the tissue sent to NSA. Follow the requirements below to assure the tissue arrives safely and in optimal condition for NSA processing.

Send to NSA your completed quote and the appropriate MultiBrain® Block Map for preferred placement of each tissue within the MultiBrain® Block. This will serve to specify the ultimate location of specimens on the slides.

Finally, ship the specimens via a responsible and reliable carrier, following international instructions where applicable. Following these instructions will contribute to the high-quality results that NSA Labs® delivers!



A.   Pack the Tissue to assure the tissue arrives safely and in optimal condition for NSA processing:


  1. Use enough solution in each container to minimize airspace. For each rodent tissue, use a minimum 25cc container. Shipping in PBS is safe for all cases, but is required for immunohistochemistry. Consult NSA with questions about which solution is best given your staining needs.
  2. Do NOT freeze the tissue or refrigerate it during shipping. Keep the tissue in buffer (consult NSA depending on future staining requirements). Ship tissue at room temperature. Freeze artifact will ruin tissue. Do NOT include ANYTHING COLD in shipping container. If the tissue has already been frozen (cryoprotected or not), contact NSA for instructions on how to best handle the tissue in preparation for shipping.
  3. It is not recommended to place the tissue in a cryoprotect solution prior to shipping. NSA will use a glycerol- and DMSO-based formulation to cryoprotect the tissue prior to sectioning.
  4. Specimen container lids must have a seal on the inside.
  5. Each specimen container should be indelibly and uniquely marked. Label both the container and container lid.
  6. Wrap each specimen container with parafilm and place into zip-lock or heat-seal plastic bags, so that the solution cannot leak into the box. Line the box with a plastic bag.
  7. Use styrofoam, bubble packing or other packing material to completely cushion and protect the specimen containers, especially if using glass containers!
  8. If using glass containers, each container should be individually wrapped to prevent breakage.

B.   Complete the appropriate MultiBrain® Block Map


C.   Ship the specimens overnight when possible:


NSA Labs
Attn: Lab Director
10915 Lake Ridge Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934 USA



To avoid customs issues:


To satisfy USDA Guideline #1103, type the following on your organization’s letterhead and place four copies with original signatures on the outside of the box along with the airbill:

  1. The contents are fixed, normal rat (or species being shipped) brains (or spinal cords) contained in individual containers.  For example: Sixteen fixed, normal rat brains in a buffered, aqueous preservative, individually contained for tissue analysis. Non-toxic, non-infectious and non-contagious.
  2. They are derived from euthanized animals: a) that have not been exposed to, or inoculated with, any livestock or poultry disease agents exotic to the United States and b) they did not originate from a facility where work with exotic disease agents affecting livestock or avian species is conducted.
  3. No antisera is present.
  4. The contents are non-toxic, non-infectious, non-contagious and non-endangered.

∗ Check with your shipping provider and/or your government to determine what paperwork and procedures are required based on current laws and the shipping origin.