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NeuroScience Associates

Guide to using NSA Services


Step 1  Contact NSA Labs® for Quote

Call 865-966-1266 or complete this quote request form to discuss your study and request a quote.


Step 2  Accepting the Quote

Please send a copy of the completed quote form to NSA as soon as the quote has been accepted. This allows NSA to schedule the work in advance, ensuring rapid turnaround. Please include a copy of the completed quote form with the tissues for identification and confirmation of processing instructions. Completed quote forms and pre-payments (if applicable) are required to be submitted to NSA before work may commence.


Step 3  Tissue Preparation

Please review in detail the perfusion protocols and carefully select the perfusion solution appropriate for the stain(s) that will be executed immediately after sectioning as well as potential stains that may be executed at a later date (see: Resource of Sections). When in doubt, contact NSA for guidance. If your project involves spinal cords, follow the post-perfusion spinal cord preparation as well. Pre-evaluations of tissue will be performed before processing to ensure intended results.


Step 4  Tissue Storage Solution

Storage buffers: Following the fixation period, the tissue should be transferred to a storage buffer. To achieve optimal staining, the recommended guidelines of time to remain in fix and the type of buffer to which to be transferred depend on the stains that will be applied to the tissue. Add sodium azide at 0.01% if tissue will be stored for more than one month prior to processing.

For some stains, such as Nissl and Myelin, the tissues may remain in the perfusion fix, in which case proceed to step 5. However, transferring to PBS or TBS (storage buffers) prior to shipping removes questions about shipping with noxious chemicals (formaldehyde). Contact NSA if you have any questions.


Step 5  Shipping Information

Proper packing and shipping precautions are required to ensure the integrity of the tissue sent to NSA. Follow the requirements in “Packing the Tissue” to assure the tissue arrives safely and in optimal condition for NSA processing.

Complete the appropriate MultiBrain® Layout for preferred placement of each tissue within the MultiBrain® Block that will serve to specify the ultimate location of specimens on the slides. Submit a completed quote acceptance form to ensure we have the proper instructions for processing.

For complete instructions see Shipping ABCs.