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NeuroScience Associates

Huntington Disease (HD)

See Table of Stains appropriate for HD




The pathological features of Huntington Disease that are most often studied through neurohistology include de-myelination, axonal degeneration and inflammation involving an immune reaction including high cellularity around vessels. NSA has processed both human and animal model brains and spinal cords in support of Huntington Disease research.

Rodent BrainsBrain tissue of animal models is commonly used in Huntington Disease research. There are several approaches NSA employs in processing brain tissue.

25 Mouse Brains CoronalUp to 25 mouse brains are co-embedded and
appear on each MultiBrain® slide section.

EM48 and S830 Show the Aggregates of Huntington Disease

EM48 Hippocampus

S830, Huntington Disease Mouse Model Hippocampus, 20x

EM48 Striatum

EM48 Cortex


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