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NeuroScience Associates

The History of NeuroScience Associates

Founded in 1989 by Dr. Robert C. Switzer, NeuroScience Associates (NSA Labs®) has earned a reputation for providing high-throughput neurohistology which produces unsurpassed quality of stained sections and accelerated image analysis. These attributes have been attained by utilizing NSA’s MultiBrain® Technology which is unique to NSA. This state-of-the-art technology provides the means to broaden the scope of experimental designs for brain research. Up to 25 mice or 16 rats can be positioned in a single MultiBrain® block which allows all of the brains to be freeze-sectioned at uniform thickness and subsequently stained uniformly. This exclusive embedding process also allows for large format brains, including entire human brain hemispheres, to be embedded, sectioned, stained and mounted, fully-intact.

NSA Labs® provides MultiBrain® and MultiCord® services and offers expertise in executing a wide variety of neurohistologic stains. Clients send brain and/or spinal cord tissue and NSA Labs® performs MultiBrain®/MultiCord® embedding and sectioning as well as designated staining. NSA returns finished stained slides and/or free floating MultiBrain®/ MultiCord® sections to the client. NSA has proficiency with traditional staining methods and specializes in the development and application of stains that reveal neuronal degeneration, the plaques and tangles of Alzheimer’s disease (including mouse models), and activated microglia. To date, NSA Labs® has performed histology services on over 2 million brain and spinal cord sections from more than 30 different species of animals, ranging from neonate brains to fully-intact human brain hemispheres.

HistoTools® provides neurohistologists with a single place to shop for quality histology tools. Over the past several decades, the staff of Neuroscience Associates has fine tuned and perfected the histology techniques used to deliver the premium services of NSA Labs®. In doing so, we’ve discovered and developed tools and protocols which, along with MultiBrain® Technology, help to make us an efficient and cost effective laboratory. Having the right tool often defines the success or failure of an operation. Many of our products have specific utility for the handling of MultiBrain®/MultiCord® free-floating sections which are sent to clients who remit their tissues for just embedding and sectioning. We have found and make available some quality “off the shelf” products which make our jobs easier. Additionally, we’ve designed and sell our own specialized tools to fill the gaps in our need for quality tools and solutions.

Feel free to contact us or request a quote to learn more about how NeuroScience Associates can help you meet your research goals.