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NeuroScience Associates

About NSA: A Letter from the President, Dr. Bob Switzer

Dr Bob SwitzerIt is likely that many readers of our website share the same passion for neuroscience that I have. My beginnings in comparative neuroanatomy seeded a fascination for the known and unknown of the brain, which is perhaps the “final frontier” of human anatomy. I have always enjoyed developing and learning new and innovative processes that can further advance this exciting field and as an explorer of this pioneering discipline, I continuously strive to learn more every day. The creation of NeuroScience Associates (NSA) has provided me with an opportunity to collaborate with others and contribute to the advancement of neuroscience.

A strong driving force in creating NSA was to make available to the neuroscience community the expertise that I had gained with the disintegrative degeneration stains to detect neurotoxicity as well as the high-throughput capabilities that I had developed with MultiBrain® and MultiCord® Technologies. In 1989, I began to provide these unique neurohistologic services and consultation through the creation of NeuroScience Associates. Throughout the years, the MultiBrain® process has proven to be an invaluable tool in helping our clients to reduce the throughput times for histologic processing. It has been very gratifying to witness the positive impact that NSA has had on neurologic research resulting from the mass-production benefits of MultiBrain® Technology, as well as the collaborative advice and guidance we provide and our expertise in the application of all varieties of neurohistology stains. I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to partake in and contribute to numerous advances and discoveries, and I look forward to being a part of many more breakthroughs.

Our catalog (available here) and website describe the principles, technologies and mechanisms by which NSA empowers researchers to become more efficient and more productive and may enable them to entertain questions that would not otherwise be possible. I hope that you will find the information informative, thought-provoking and ultimately useful. It is the objective of NeuroScience Associates to increase the productivity and enhance the success of our clients by providing superior histologic services in a cost-effective manner. I invite you to contact us today to discuss your scientific endeavors and determine how NSA can assist you with your histology and research needs.


Dr. Bob Switzer
President and Chief Scientific Officer


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